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Have fun playing with your friends in Mandarin

The Ninchallenges are the first ever multiplayer Chinese game! In this game, engage in fun battles with your friends and other Chinese learners over your knowledge of Chinese characters. 

You like flashcards and quizzes? Try your luck at the ultimate game in Mandarin: the Ninchallenge !


Start as a Beginner, finish as a Master in Mandarin Chinese

Your goal in a Ninchallenge is to climb to the top by using your Mandarin skills!
Put your Chinese lessons to good use to become the best player in the Ninchallenges. You’ll see how satisfying it is to use what you’ve memorized in Chinese, English, and pinyin, to win against your opponent!

Whether you’re learning Chinese on Ninchanese or taking a Chinese course elsewhere, this Chinese learning game is your chance to shine against other Chinese students. No matter what your Chinese proficiency, from a beginner in the Chinese language, to an intermediate or advanced Chinese learner, once you join this game to learn Chinese, you’ll find a Ninchallenge at your level and Chinese learners to play against!

The Challenge feature is really cool!

Martin Torino, Ninchanese user

How to play this game to learn Mandarin

Playing Ninchallenges is a great way to improve your Chinese vocabulary skills. In each Ninchallenge, you practice Chinese, review the Chinese characters you’ve learned and to discover new words.

 In each game, you and your opponent each start with a deck of Chinese characters and words that correspond to a beginner level. As you play, you work your way up to higher levels and harder cards. Guess correctly a Chinese character’s meaning in English and its pronunciation in pinyin to win that character and add it to your collection!

Ninchallenge: write the meaning of this Chinese word

I think the ninchallenge is fast becoming my favorite part of Ninchanese

Lapsed Modernist, Ninchanese user

How far will you go in this Chinese video game?

Your mission: Collect as many Chinese characters as you can. Each Simplified Chinese character you get right will give you from 1 to 6 points, depending on their level of difficulty.

Score points to level up and move on to tougher Chinese characters!

There are 32 levels to climb in the Ninchallenges.  The more you get characters right, the faster you’ll go up in levels and the more words you’ll add to your collection.  But be careful, each time you reach a new level, the character to guess in Chinese will become more difficult! The Chinese language learning aficionados you’ll face will also gradually become tougher. Will you manage to climb to the top of the Chinese kingdom?

Ninchallenges are Games to Learn Chinese with Friends

Easy to play and massively fun!

Start a game!

Playing with Your Friends Is the Best Way to Learn

Playing with friends and fellow Chinese students in the Ninchallenges is a great way to discover new things in Mandarin and interact with the Chinese language. Learning together with friends is more fun, don’t you think?

Challenging your friends in Chinese is also the key to succeeding in learning to speak Mandarin! Why’s that? Because, in addition to earning points and improving your language skills in this Chinese learning game, Ninchallenges help you remain motivated in your Chinese learning.  When you have fun playing with your friends and trying to beat them, you don’t even realize you’re learning Chinese!

So keep playing with your friends in Chinese and stay motivated in your Chinese learning thanks to the Ninchallenges!

Improve your skills with the Ninchallenges, the fun game to learn Chinese!

I think the gamification is the most appealing thing about the site to me right now: challenges, time trials, etc because they help create a community.

Devon Ninchanese user
Share your journey playing the game to learn Chinese, Ninchallenge

Share your Chinese learning journey with other Ninchallengers!

Ninchallenges are a good opportunity to play with your friends and meet other learners that share the same love as you for the Chinese language. You may make new friends to share your Chinese learning journey with along the way!

Ninchallenges can either be played live if both players are connected or in a turn by turn basis. When you’re playing live, you can chat with your opponent and get to know them better. The start to a new friendship?

The more you play, the more chances you’ll find Chinese learners at your level, or a little higher. If you want, you can keep playing with them and compete against them to see who progresses the fastest in Chinese! Share your progress on Facebook or Twitter if you start a race with them!

Improve your Chinese vocabulary with the Ninchallenges

Play these games, and have fun getting ready for life in China and preparing for the HSK tests!

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Practice your HSK vocabulary with games in Chinese

The Ninchallenges are fun vocabulary games you can also use to prepare for the HSK tests!

All the vocabulary you’ll be seeing and discovering in these Chinese learning games comes from the official HSK exam word lists. From the HSK 1 to the HSK 6, the more you level up in a Ninchallenge, the higher level Mandarin you’ll be learning. With each game of Ninchallenge you play, you’re improving your memory and quick recall ability in Mandarin. Finding your words in a stressful and timed setting like exams will be as easy as a piece of cake after a few rounds of Ninchallenges!

Use this game to learn Chinese to prepare for the HSK

The Ninchallenges are a great way to, not just show off what I’ve learned, but sometimes pick up new words completely or decipher words you haven’t seen based on your existing knowledge – it’s extremely rewarding and really makes you feel proud of yourself! It motivates you to keep going.

Jemma, Ninchanese user
Use the Ninchallenge, a fun game to learn Chinese, to get ready for life in China

Get ready for life in China with the Ninchallenges

The Ninchallenges are fun games to progress in Chinese, but that’s not all they are! They are also great to get ready for life in China.
Chinese speakers that speak Chinese with you aren’t going to ask you multiple choice choices, offer you matching games where you match Chinese characters with their English meaning or play memory games with you. No, you’ll be hearing spoken Chinese in conversation with them, and the Ninchallenges are the perfect game to get you ready for those conversations in Chinese!

During a Ninchallenge, you will run into unknown words that your opponent throws at you. Just like in real life in China. You’ll learn to decipher words you haven’t seen before, based on what you already know, and will gradually be able to guess them correctly! That’s why the Ninchallenges are great to get used to running into and being comfortable with unknown words in Chinese, just like you would in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Taiwan.  Perfect to get you ready and at ease with spoken Chinese in China!

I think it’s really cool. I really like the idea of challenges! I think you’ve done amazing work!

Laura Ninchanese user
Yocha knows you want to play this game to learn Chinese

Your turn to play!

Share your  Chinese learning journey with your friends. Ninchallenge them and collect as many Chinese characters and words as you can! Having fun in a Ninchallenge helps you learn Chinese better and faster. May the Chinese be with you!

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