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HSK 3.0 April 2022 Update: Did the new HSK 3.0 come out?

With March having come and gone, one burning question is on all Chinese learners’ lips: did the new HSK 3.0 come out as it was supposed to? Short answer: No. But, dive in, learner, because this is juicy.

Early last year, in 2021, the Chinese Testing Center sent the Chinese learning world into a frenzy. They announced there would be a new HSK 3.0. 9 new HSK levels instead of the 6 existing ones, a full revamp of the content in each level, and a whopping addition of 3,000 words to learn. The new HSK 3.0 promised to bring with it a lot of changes for Chinese learners everywhere.

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A key date in the introduction of the new HSK 3.0 was: March 2022.

What was supposed to happen to the HSK in March 2022?

In March 2022, as we wrote here, testing for the higher levels (HSK 7, HSK 8, and HSK 9) would officially start.

It’s April 1st, and it’s no April fool’s joke: there is nothing new out regarding the new HSK 3.0. Higher-level tests have definitely not started. The most advanced HSK level is still HSK 6.

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Granted, Covid and the pandemic have put a foil on everyone’s plans and delayed many things. So, quite understandably, March 2022 was a deadline that wasn’t met.

Update on HSK 3.0 April 2022: nothing’s new

That’s not the only deadline that was missed, in fact.

Actually, so far, there has been no news on a possible new release date for HSK 3.0. No official testing material, no official lists aside from what was released last year as part of the “Standard” for learning.

So don’t believe all the sites that say they have an update: there’s none.

The HSK 2.0 is still the most up-to-date system of Chinese proficiency tests. Good news: you can prepare for all HSK levels on Ninchanese! From HSK 1 to HSK 6, we’ve got you for all your Chinese learning needs.

No HSK 3.0 in sight, for now. Of course, we’re monitoring the situation. We will be the first to let you know if anything changes on the HSK 3.0 front.

What’s new HSK?

That doesn’t mean, though, that nothing is new in the HSK World!

What’s new (since the end of 2021) is that you can take your HSK test at home, from the comfort of your own living room. That’s, of course, if you don’t have an HSK testing center nearby. For details and calendar dates of upcoming HSK Tests, read this.

When taking the home version of the HSK, what’s also new is there’s an HSK Speaking test now to take. Not to worry, Ninchanese also prepares you for speaking Chinese, so you’re covered.

Lastly, we’re also very proud to announce that you can now prepare for the complete HSK 6 on NInchanese! We just finished adding the very last HSK 6 content, and it’s all there for you to study!

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NinchaneseHSK 3.0 April 2022 Update: Did the new HSK 3.0 come out?