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A real life Nincha!

 I love you, will you kiss me ?!

Ninchanese Vocabulary

Easter! Happy egg-hunting!

The Nincha Team and its newest team member wish you a happy Easter weekend! Easter isn’t really celebrated in China but here’s how to say Easter in Chinese anyways: [vc_message color=”alert-success” title=”Easter in Chinese” dismissable=”false”] is 复活节 (fùhuó jié) 祝你 复活节 快乐! = We wish you a happy Easter (zhù nǐ fùhuó jié kuàilè) [/vc_message]


Too much hard work for Nincha!

Nincha is working hard on writing his story!

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Welcome to Ninchanese blog

Hi There! We’re building Ninchanese, a web and mobile app to help you learn Chinese in a way we hope you’ll find engaging, fun and rewarding! To know more about Ninchanese and to be part of the beta, head over to Because we believe there’s more to learning a language than just learning vocabulary […]

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