Ninchanese on iPhone and iPad

There isn’t an app yet on iOS but…
…you can add Ninchanese to your iOs device background!

Add Ninchanese app on iOs devices.

To get Ninchanese on your iOs devices like an iPhone and iPad is really simple. Just follow these really fast steps:

  • Go to on Safari with your iPhone or iPad.
  • Log in to Ninchanese
  • Go to the Safari “sent to” button on your iOs device.
  • Select “Add to Home Screen” button
  • Tadaa! You’ve added a beautiful icon on your home screen
  • The app is automatically in app mode which means it’s like the Android app

Now, you’re all set to use Ninchanese on your iOs devices!

But one more important things. By using Ninchanese this way, you can’t use the voice recognition feature. For that, you must use Ninchanese with Chrome on Mac, Windows, Linux or Android.

NinchaneseNinchanese on iOs