Nincha is visiting the Chinese Part of Pairi Daiza

Nincha was super excited to be with Mat visiting the Chinese Parts of Pairi Daiza this weekend! Take a small walk with Nincha and see his pictures to discover Chinese buildings and the little China that lives in Pairi Daiza.

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NinchaneseNincha is visiting the Chinese Part of Pairi Daiza

Chinese Word Building: How to say to joke in Chinese

Time for a new word-building! Today’s “Play with Chinese words” concerns Chinese humor! It’s all about playing and laughing. You are with your friends and one of your friends cracks a joke. everyone laugh and so the party starts. It’s the best time of your life for sure. A joke a day keeps the doctor away! So let’s play with the Chinese words  and ! Together, they make the word 玩笑 , have you heard of  it? If you haven’t, no worries. Read on and we’ll explain everything to you.

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NinchaneseChinese Word Building: How to say to joke in Chinese

What do you say to people when you make a joke in China?

只是开玩笑! Zhǐ shì kāi wán xiào! Just kidding! Knowing how to say this is very important because well, sometimes, the Chinese won’t get your humor. It’s not that your joke is bad, that depends on the audience, but they are not used to this kind of joke. Let’s see why.

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NinchaneseWhat do you say to people when you make a joke in China?

The Three-Body Problem and Science-fiction in Chinese

With the Chinese launching recently 天眼, the World’s biggest telescope, alien life & science-fiction have been on our minds a lot. So today, we wanted to talk about science-fiction in China and in Chinese. More specifically, we wanted to introduce to you one of China’s biggest and most well-known Science-fiction writers: Cixin Liu. Read on to learn more about the Science-fiction genre in China, how to say Science-fiction in Chinese and to discover Cixin Liu’s must-read novel.

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NinchaneseThe Three-Body Problem and Science-fiction in Chinese

10 Ways to Say Goodbye in Mandarin

One of the first things you learn in Chinese is to say hello. But do you also know how to say goodbye in Mandarin? Knowing how to say goodbye is just as important as knowing how to say hello, yes, no and thank you in Chinese. In fact, knowing how to take leave from someone is part of the basic Chinese you need to master. So, let’s look at 10 frequently used and useful ways to say goodbye in Mandarin!

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Ninchanese10 Ways to Say Goodbye in Mandarin

Fall is here! 秋天来了!

Guess what’s special about today? That’s right: fall is here! Goodbye, glorious summer days, and welcome leaves turning beautiful colors and lighting up the trees! Fall, or autumn, is a beautiful season in its own right! Do you know how to say fall in Chinese? Let’s learn how right now!

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NinchaneseFall is here! 秋天来了!

Nincha travels: 坐火车 – taking the train

Nincha, the lucky cat, loves traveling! Today, he’s taking the train and telling us in Mandarin Chinese why he likes traveling by train so much! Let’s see what he has to say about trains and let’s learn how to say taking the train in Mandarin.

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NinchaneseNincha travels: 坐火车 – taking the train

Chinese idiom: 时来运转 Get your lucky break

It’s quoturday! Time to explore a new Chinese idiom: 时来运转. This week’s Chinese proverb is very motivational and inspiring. So when you’re feeling down, and thinking that life has something against you, come back to this page! You’ll feel better, promise. Ready to explore this Chinese quote? Let’s go!

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NinchaneseChinese idiom: 时来运转 Get your lucky break

Learn Pokémon Names in Chinese

Pokémon Go, the Japanese Nintendo game, is now available in Hong Kong and maybe soon in China! You’d better get ready to hear your Chinese friends talk about it a lot! Get ready for it and learn Pokémon names in Chinese with Ninchanese Pokéworld. Ready to use your Chinese skills and try to catch as many Pokémon as you can?

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ninchaLearn Pokémon Names in Chinese