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How do you feel about learning Chinese one bite at a time?

Ok, you’ll be mostly learning about Chinese food, but this popular CCTV documentary, aptly named “A bite of China” is a great excuse to practice your Chinese while feasting your eyes on mouth-watering specialties. Does that sound good? More (and the video!) after the jump.

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Chinese food in seven sittings

To make Chinese food more well known, CCTV documentary makers had the great idea of filming a documentary on Chinese cuisine. This seven-part documentary (and then some) highlights typical Chinese dishes and drool-causing regional specialties. Except for beautiful images and plenty of mouth-watering shots of Chinese dishes that’ll be torture to watch if you’re feeling hungry. The documentary also gives plenty of explanation on how each region came to develop its own kind of cuisine and how they prepare and created certain dishes.

If you were still thinking Chinese food was limited to fried Chinese and General Tsao chicken, then prepare to be proved wrong! Chinese cuisine is a vibrant and rich experience. There are a zillion wonderful dishes to sample and discover and we here at the Nincha Team have some many favorite dishes, it’d require a separate article to name them all. So watch the documentary and prepare to want to taste some real Chinese food.

To check out the other “A bite of China” documentary episodes in Chinese with Chinese subtitles, it’s here. And if you’d rather listen skip the Chinese all together and just learn about China’s most famous foods in English, then it’s here. And for Chinese with subtitles in English, check out this channel.

May, 13th, 2014 update: Season 3 of this documentary is currently airing! Check out the episodes here!

Arg. Now we’re hungry!

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