Top 12 memorable video game bosses

What’s your most memorable video game boss? This question came up when we were discussing how our evils bosses should be in Ninchanese. Yup, there are evil bosses in Ninchanese. Just like in your favorite video game. Had to figure out a way to sneak in a few tests to make sure you learned your Chinese good and all 😉

So we started wondering: which video game boss do we remember the best? Who made the most lasting impression on us?

And the winners are

Without any further ado, here’s the Nincha team’s top memorable video game bosses! They may not be very charismatic but their ugly mugs were sure burned into our memory…

Warning: many of these bosses appear at the end of  games; so if you haven’t played the games: spoiler alert!  Also, the choices and ranking we’ve made here are personal and not particularly objective :).

Jean-Rémi, co-founder

Winner: Bowser

The master of the evil laugh and epic Mario torturer, Bowser!

Jean-Rémi says: “The King of all bosses.”

Runner ups

The final evil boss, in Quake 1. A game he started playing at the tender, impressionable, age of 11.

A notable more recent boss: the evil mastermind in Portal 2

Sarah, co-founder

Winner: The mana beast

Secret of Mana’s final boss. Deadly

“The one thing that’s keeping me from finishing the game (I think!). Haven’t even managed to figure out how to inflict damage on it. Keep getting killed first. If you know how to defeat this boss, tell me. Seriously.”

Runner ups

Ganondorf, in Zelda Ocarina of Time

Grimmir, in Magicka

Charlotte, illustrator and animator

Winner: The ugly Mutant

The tiny-headed, big-ribcaged, awful mutant in Tomb Raider 1 was Charlotte’s nightmare for a while.

She says: “Horrible, horrible, horrible”.

Runner ups

M. Stone, in Rayman (PS1)

Manticore, in Golden Sun

Loïc, character designer and illustrator

Winner : Deadbeard

Deadbeard appears in the middle of Golden Sun and is so hard to defeat! He’s a lot worse than some of the bosses towards the ending!

Loïc says “So horrible”.

Runner ups

The giant mantis in Secret of Mana

He played this game when he was 6. Entirely in Japanese. Talk about intense.

Ramirez, from Skies of Arcadia

How about you? Which is your number one video game boss? What is your most memorable evil video game bad guy?

The Nincha Team, who now all really badly want to play video games!

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