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感恩节快乐! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, November 28th! So, happy Thanksgiving! 

Can’t wait!

Thanksgiving: the grateful festival

In Chinese, Thanksgiving is called [zh zh=”感恩节” py=”Gǎn’ēn jié”].

Let’s break down the characters:

[zh zh=”感恩” py=”Gǎn’ēn”] means to be grateful, to be thankful

[zh zh=”节” py=”jié”] means festival.

On Thanksgiving, we are all officially allowed to pig out on delicious turkey, butternut purees, creamy mashed potatoes, awesome pumpkin pies and more great-tasting fare!

Thanksgiving not celebrated where you live? Well, tomorrow is still a great excuse to:

  1. Eat a lot and try out new recipes
  2. Give thanks. To the people you love for instance 🙂
  3. Have a great day. Like every day!

感恩节快乐!Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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