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Pop Cat: Iconic Chinese cats!

It’s not Caturday but close! It’s Friday Cat time! So meet some of today’s cool cats turned into pop cat: Elvis Prescat, Bruce Cat, Darth Vacat and Caishencat and learn what they’re called in Chinese!

For Batman cat, Mario cat and more sweet pop cats, check out the “Iconic Cats” Collection by Shanghai-based illustrator A Ke!

I don’t know why but I could love see a movie based on these cats! They are cute; well design and hillarius. You must check it out.

The Pop Cat King and his friends

A Ke has made reaaly funny pics with pop culture star turned into cat. We also made a gallery with more picture of pop cat. You will find it at the start of this article.

Here’s what some of these iconic cats are called in Chinese.

  •  The pop cat 猫王 Māo wáng  : Elvis Presley

Notice Elvis’ name in Chinese? It means the Cat King! So this Chinese Elvis Prescat is spot-on!

  • 达斯·维达 Dá sī·wéi dá – Darth Vader

  • 马里奥 Mǎlǐ ào Mario, as in “It’s me Mario!”

  • 李小龙 Lixiǎolóng is Bruce Lee’s Chinese name, his birthname is Cantonese and is: 李振藩 Lee Jun-fan.

  • 财神 Cáishén aka 招财猫 Zhāo cái māo the lucky cat!


See up to this article for the gallery  :

But where is Lupishu cat?

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