Beginner Ninchanese

Ninchanese is now in closed beta!

Great news! Ninchanese is now in closed beta! ^_^

Here at our Nincha headquarters, we’re all really excited to have reached this phase. This private beta is for all of you who have signed up on <3

What’s in the beta?

Embark with Nincha on an adventure where you’ll enjoy learning Chinese. Along the way you’ll be able to practice your character recognition, learn vocabulary, work on grammar and pronunciation … There are words to collect, new lessons to unlock, time attacks, achievements, leaderboards to top and more to discover!

In the beta, you’ll have access to Ninchanese’s first world, which is for beginners, newbies and Chinese learners that need to refresh their Chinese.

What if I’m not quite a beginner any more?

You’ll also be able to play with your friends and challenge them in our Ninchallenges! The Ninchalllenges are not level restricted so let’s see how far you can go!

Sounds like something you’d like? Keep your eyes peeled, your invite will soon be on its way!

The Nincha Team!

Ninchanese combines addictive game mechanics, cute cats and efficient Chinese learning techniques to make learning Chinese a lot of fun! The app is now in beta so sign up now for early access to the betaTrailer & stay in touch with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle + and Weibo.

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