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Be positive! The Chinese secret trick to feeling positive

Big event coming up and you’re feeling stressed? Or maybe you’re feeling a little down and in need of some cheering up?

The Chinese have a great way of boosting their self-morale. They encourage themselves by saying “加油 + their name”.

加油 (Jiāyóu) doesn’t have a litteral translation in English: it’s something akin to “Forge on!”, “Press on!” or “Fighting!” as I see increasingly around me.

So when you’re feeling a little down, look at yourself in the mirror and say  – or shout out – “加油 + [your name]”!

Even better: accompany that with a fist pump, for extra effect.

You’ll see, it feels good and it may will pull a smile out of you!


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[…] We know that when learning a language, you can have ups and downs in your motivation and your desire to learn. It happens to everyone. What you need in those cases to keep going is a good dose of motivation! So, to help you give your best and reach your dream of speaking a new language, like Chinese, we’ve collected wise and funny proverbs to inspire you. Some of these will motivate you to go forward, some of these will cheer you up when you need that, and all of them will inspire you to keep learning till you’ve reached your goal. 加油! Jiāyóu! Fighting! […]

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