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Announcing the Ninchallenge Tournament!

Here at Ninchanese, we’re happy to announce our very first Ninchallenge Tournament! This is a tournament specially made for Chinese learners and dedicated to Chinese learners. You’ll be playing fun and friendly battles with your friends and other Chinese learners from across the world. Do you have what it takes to the NinChampion?

Ninchallenge Tournament

Join your friends and soon start playing in fun competitions over your knowledge of Chinese in the first edition of the Ninchallenge Tournament!

The Ninchallenge Tournament will feature Ninchallenges for players of all ages and Chinese levels. The Ninchallenges are open to all and are free to play. The tournament is a great opportunity to play with other passionate Chinese learners, just like you!

The Ninchallenge Tournament starts on the 13th of July and will run until the 26th of July. Players who do well in the Ninchallenge Tournament can win cool prizes and surprises!

Registration is closed.

The Nincha Team

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