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Ready for some serious Chinese learning? World 4 is here!

Fearing you’re going to be spending too much time with your family these holidays and looking for a way to get away? We might have just what you need: a fresh new world to explore on Ninchanese! Yup, we’re very proud to announce the arrival of World 4: Rock on, Tiger! on the app.

World 4? What’s in it?

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  • 100 stages at an intermediate to upper intermediate Chinese level;
  • Close to 900 new words to learn in Chinese;
  • Over 1,500 sentences to learn to use words in context;
  • More than 30 new  grammar patterns to experiment and intuitively learn to use through inductive learning;
  • Part 4 of Nincha and Lupishu’s story where they discover terrible plots, Chinese mythology and how the Chinese view the creation of the world;
  • Plenty of HSK 4 vocabulary and HSK 4 grammar: purrrfect to prepare to take the HSK 4
  • and more to discover!


Get ready to take your Chinese to the next level with this whole new content! But be prepared, World 4 means business. It has twice as much new content as World 3: that means double the amount of new words in Chinese to learn, and over a thousand new Chinese sentences to build and say!

Who’s it for?

Are you at an intermediate level of Chinese and are looking for content that will take your Chinese to the next level? World 4 is perfect for you!

Are you learning with us in the app? Nincha learners, World 4 is the next logical step once you’ve finished World 3.

With close to 900 new words in Mandarin Chinese to learn, and nearly twice as many sentences to learn to build and say so you learn the words in context, this world will give you all the background you need to really foray into the Chinese speaking world. From the grammar structures and patterns you’ll be learning to the vocabulary you’ll be acquiring, to the themes the speaking stages cover, World 4 will equip you for China.

By the time you finish World 4, you’ll have learned over 1600 words; not bad! You’ll be able to read a modern Chinese text, a short novel or watch a Chinese or Taiwanese drama and understand most of it. You’ll be able to use the most common Chinese syntax patterns and therefore won’t be thrown off when conversing with natives by sentence structures you’ve never heard of. In short, with this new content, you’ll be ready to jump off the deep end and go live in a Chinese-speaking place! Sounds pretty meowsome, don’t you think?

What will I be learning to talk about?

World 4’s stages focus on learning useful and practical vocabulary to live, travel and work in China. These are some of the topics you’ll be learning to talk about in World 4: Rock on, tiger!

-Traveling in China: learn to confidently face any travel situation (Taxi – Bus – Train – Plane) in Chinese with World 4’s speaking stages. Yes, you will travel all over Ninchana!

– Thinking of looking for a job in China? Baimei is too and discusses job searching and interview strategies in Mandarin Chinese.

– Bargaining: Bargaining is a must in China and in Ninchana alike, and Lupishu’s learning all the bargain tips and tricks to get the best deal in Chinese.

– Going out: Life’s not all about work and shopping and Nincha’s determined to show Lupishu that.

– and plenty more to discover! This is the biggest update to date in Ninchanese and we hope you’ll love it.

How do I get access?

World 4 will be available in early access starting this Monday. To get access, you need to be part of the Ninchanese Beta and to have either: supported us on Kickstarter (backers with Yocha packs and up get access) or to pre-order.

We hope you have fun and enjoy all the new Chinese content you’ll learn!

We’re counting on you to tell us what you think of the stages, and to give us feedback on this world!

The Nincha Team

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