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What’s your prediction for the Fire Monkey year?

Yesterday, the 8th of February 2016 was the Red Fire Monkey Year (火猴年 Huǒ hóu nián), Chinese New Year celebrations started and marked the beginning of the Red Fire Monkey Year (猴年 hóu nián). Happy Year of the Monkey! 猴年大吉!

Each year, new predictions are set according to traditional Chinese astrology. This Lunar Year is dedicated to the Monkey, the Ninth Zodiac Sign, so predictions can give you an indication of what may happen to you this Fire Monkey year and which signs will be lucky or unlucky. Wondering what this Year will be like? Let’s see what’s in store for you, this year.

Why the Fire Monkey?

As you perhaps are aware, there are 12 signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Each birth year corresponds to one of these signs. According to the year you were born in and your Zodiac animal, your fate is supposed to be different. Five natural elements also define your personality and fate: fire represents moral decency, wood is associated with benevolence, water with wisdom, earth with honesty and metal represents righteousness. Each year is also associated with one of the Five elements: for example, 2013, 2014, 2015 were are all in the fire cycle and so is 2016. This is why this year is a Fire Monkey year: a combination of the Monkey sign, and the Fire Element.

To find what your element is, head here. And for those who don’t know what their zodiac sign is, try here.

Will the Fire Monkey year be a Good Year for You?

According to the forecasts, this new Lunar Year will be an amazing year for Rats, Dragons and Monkeys. It will bring you charm and confidence. It’ll be, however, an unstable year. Tigers, Snakes, Boars and Dogs, you’ll have to hold on a bit, the Monkey Year will be a little complex to navigate for you. You’ll do better next year! 2017 will be the Rooster year and 2018 the Dog year, hopefully more auspicious years for those signs. In the meantime, stay highly focused and do your best to remain objective; it should help; Goats, Rabbits, Oxs, Roosters, Horses, the Monkey sign shouldn’t have any special effect on you.

A year of personal changes!

What shouldn’t happen this year: In spite of the current news, political and economic revolutions were not foreseen. Wouldn’t that be nice if it were true? It won’t be a time for collective efforts either but on the individual level, efforts and ambition will be rewarded. In comparison, the last time Chinese people celebrated a Fire Monkey year was in 1956, and a lot of things happened ithat year; so we’ll see!

What this year will be:

This year is said to be all about innovation and creation. The Monkey allows us to be wiser and to take risks so more adventurous experiences await you. Let’s get rebellious! :)The Year of the Fire Monkey is also a great time to be brave and experiment new things. Time to act on that bucket list you’ve been making for yours?

Predictions also announce the Lunar Year of the Monkey is and will be a great period to make business. Risk-takers and ambition will be rewarded. So be creative, embrace riskiness and don’t look back on the past! This is the way to succeed in this unstable year full of opportunities.

Whatever you choose to do in the Year of the Monkey, the Nincha Team wishes you all the best for the year to come! As for me, Pauline, the Nincha Team’s newest Intern Nincha, as I am born under the Dog sign, I’ll try my best this year and wait eagerly for better previsions next year!

Source for illustration: You Zhang

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