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Learn Pokémon Names in Chinese

Pokémon Go, the Japanese Nintendo game, is now available in Hong Kong and maybe soon in China! You’d better get ready to hear your Chinese friends talk about it a lot! Get ready for it and learn Pokémon names in Chinese with Ninchanese Pokéworld. Ready to use your Chinese skills and try to catch as many Pokémon as you can?

After taking control of your phone in the Pokémon Go game by Niantic, Pokemons are now invading Ninchanese’s world! Cats and dragons finally meet Pikachu, Meowt, and all the other wild Pokémon! Come and catch them all.

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New stages are available for you to learn Pokémon names in Chinese, let’s discover how you’ll be able to collect them in this new world. No pokéballs required!

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By entering the Pokéworld in Ninchanese, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your word stock and learn how Pokémons are called in Mandarin. Use your Chinese skills to collect as many Pokémon as you can in two vocabulary exercises. Then try to match the English names of Pokémon with their Chinese versions in a fun matching exercise. This all-new content is free for all so nothing’s stopping you from trying to catch them all!

How Pokémon help you learn Chinese

In Ninchanese, we know that having fun when learning is the most efficient way to reach your goals. It helps you remain motivated in your learning. Cats and dragons are already here in Ninchanese to help you do that. But why not make worlds meet? This is how the Pokéworld in Ninchanese is born. Learn Pokémon names in Chinese and you’ll be able to understand better the meaning of each character! You’ll also explore even more how the Chinese language is made.

For instance, let’s take Bulbasaur’s Chinese name:
[zh zh=”妙蛙种子” py=”Miàowāzhǒngzǐ”] . It literally means smart frog with a seed.

It’s even clearer when you look at it!


By exploring the literal meaning of each Pokémon’s name, you get an insight into how the Chinese create new names to grow their vocabulary, and especially how they translate names that come from foreign countries.
Try to identify characters in each Pokémon’s name you’ll meet, and you’ll improve your understanding of Chinese characters. But before you can do that, you’ll have to catch them all!

Which wild Pokémon will you meet in Ninchanese?


Lucky you, the most legendary well-loved Pokémon are in Ninchanese. As you’ve probably guessed, Bulbasaur will be one of them, and you’ll also meet Pikachu, Charizard, Butterfree, Rattata, Meowth, Psyduck, Mewtwo… and that’s not all! More Pokémon are to be found in Ninchanese! Take a look at this list of the words you’ll learn:

  • [zh zh=”妙蛙种子” py=”Miàowāzhǒngzǐ” en=”Bulbasaur”]
  • [zh zh=”小火龙” py=”Xiǎohuǒlóng” en=”Charmander”]
  • [zh zh=”杰尼龟” py=”Jiéníguī” en=”Squirtle”]
  • [zh zh=”皮卡丘” py=”Píkǎqiū” en=”Pikachu”]
  • [zh zh=”神奇宝贝” py=”Shén qí Bǎo bèi” en=”Pokemon”]
  • [zh zh=”喷火龙” py=”Pēnhuǒlóng” en=”Charizard”]
  • [zh zh=”喵喵” py=”Miāomiāo” en=”Meowth”]
  • [zh zh=”小拉达 ” py=”Xiǎolādá” en=”Rattata”]
  • [zh zh=”可达鸭” py=”Kědáyā” en=”Psyduck”]
  • [zh zh=”胖丁” py=”Pàngdīngb” en=”Jigglypuff”]
  • [zh zh=”小火马” py=”Xiǎohuǒmǎ” en=”Ponyta”]
  • [zh zh=”超梦” py=”Chāomèng” en=”Mewtwo”]
  • [zh zh=”精灵宝可梦” py=”Jīnglíngbǎokěmèng” en=”Pokemon”]
  • [zh zh=”波克比” py=”Bōkèbǐ” en=”Togepi”]
  • [zh zh=”卡蒂狗” py=”Kǎdìgǒu” en=”Growlithe”]
  • [zh zh=”海星星” py=”Hǎixīngxīng” en=”Staryu”]
  • [zh zh=”菊草叶” py=”Júcǎoyè” en=”Chikorita”]
  • [zh zh=”爱心鱼” py=”Àixīnyú” en=”Luvdisc”]
  • [zh zh=”绿毛虫” py=”Lǜmáochóng” en=” Caterpie”]
  • [zh zh=”巴大蝴” py=” Bādàhú” en=”Butterfree”]
  • [zh zh=”皮皮” py=”Pípí” en=”Clefairy”]
  • [zh zh=”大嘴蝠” py=”Dàzuǐfú” en=”Golbat”]
  • [zh zh=”地鼠” py=”Dìshǔ” en=”Diglett”]
  • [zh zh=”玛瑙水母” py=”Mǎnǎoshuǐmǔ” en=”Tentacool”]

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Learn Pokémon names in Chinese and catch’em all!

Want to go for a Pokémon hunt? Easy! Head to the world’s page, register and learn Chinese with Pokémon for free! Enter the Pokéworld and try to catch all the Pokémon lost in Ninchanese! Use your knowledge of the Chinese language to help you guess the Pokémon’s names. And let’s see how many Pokémon you can catch! Let us know in the comments 🙂

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Just FYI, the plural of Pokémon is Pokémon, no -s. And neither Bulbasaur nor any of the others you have listed (except maybe Mewtwo) are legendary Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon are an actual subcategory of Pokémon.

Great idea to try to motivate people to learn Chinese characters using Pokémon, especially now that the new games have Chinese versions, but next time maybe have a real Pokémon-fan read your advertisement before posting it. Anyone that cares about Pokémon will notice these mistakes 😉

Hi Shishn P, thanks for your comment and attention to details 🙂 You’re right, none of the Pokémon we mentioned are officially “legendary” Pokemon, they’re just legendary to all those who grew up with the first Generation Pokémon (and the many generations that followed). No ill categorisation intended 🙂 Have you tried the Pokémon world on the app?

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