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Chinese idiom: 时来运转 Get your lucky break

It’s quoturday! Time to explore a new Chinese idiom: 时来运转. This week’s Chinese proverb is very motivational and inspiring. So when you’re feeling down, and thinking that life has something against you, come back to this page! You’ll feel better, promise. Ready to explore this Chinese quote? Let’s go!

[zh zh=”时来运转 (時來運轉)” py=”shí lái yùn zhuǎn”]

Literally: the time comes, fortune turns.

Let’s break this Chinese quote down:

  • shí means time
  • lái means to come
  • yùn means luck, as in “祝你好运!I wish you good luck!”
  • zhuǎn means to turn

In other words:

[vc_message color=”alert-success” title=”时来运转” dismissable=”false”] This Chinese quote means : things will change for the better. [/vc_message]

时来运转 is a very inspiring Chinese quote

Sometimes you feel the world is against you and you just can’t get a break. Uncool things keep happening to you day after day and you should want to hide in your bed until it all stops.

Looks like the Chinese know better. They know that no matter what life throws at you, you’ve got to keep being a trooper. Don’t give up. Just stay strong and keep forging ahead. The wheel of life keeps turning, and one day your fortune will change. You will get your lucky break. Just give it time.

Isn’t that a good way to look at things? Don’t you think it’ll help you go forward when things get rough? Keep trucking ahead, and your luck will change.

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