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Chinese idiom: 时来运转 Get your lucky break

It’s quoturday! Time to explore a new Chinese idiom: 时来运转. This week’s Chinese proverb is very motivational and inspiring. So when you’re feeling down, and thinking that life has something against you, come back to this page! You’ll feel better, promise. Ready to explore this Chinese quote? Let’s go!

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Chinese learning resolutions: how to keep them!

Ah, New Years. Resolutions are made. You feel refreshed and ready to change the world.  Sadly, these good feelings never last. Well, here’s an idea to actually manage to stick to your Chinese learning resolutions: make smaller ones. Manageable ones. And no, we’re not talking about making “go grocery shopping” a resolution. You’ll see..

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Failing is just part of the process of learning

Failing to succeed does not mean failing to progress. This is a quote from the indie video game Antichamber. And it’s so true!