Review: User Halvard loves the gaming side of Ninchanese

Sometimes, our users, real-life Chinese learners like you and me send us terrific feedback on the app too good to keep only to ourselves. So, we thought: who would want to read what a Chinese learner thinks of using Ninchanese? Well, perhaps, prospective learners wondering if this gamified and comprehensive way to learn Mandarin is worth a try? An honest review of Ninchanese might interest them. Read on therefore to learn what Halvard, a Chinese learner from Norway thinks of Ninchanese! If you’re into gaming, the parallel he draws between games and Ninchanese should speak to you.

A message from Halvard


I have tried this for 20 minutes, and I must say I am astounded, of what you have made. So, much I would wanted to write a review of this, so shortly here.

For those who recognize the different computer games from the 80s, they are kind of lucky. They had 3 things: playability, a certain humor – but also a “storyteller”.

Now, Ninchanese comes along and you manage to bring all these 3 into your Chinese learning game. I am astounded, because I know that I have to use my computer time to learn Chinese. I need a lot of repeating. I am currently learning Chinese and go to “Chinese Tea Time” every Monday. So this was one of the few things I´d stick to.. And I had fun, and I learned, and I got to form sentences at one, which is important, because I need to have a syntax-approach to it, because I always think in forming-syntaxes when I try to learn a language (as a multilingual).

Well. I am glad. I am 40 years, scientifically it is stupid to even try to learn Mandarin. But this is one of my best chances, although maybe meant for younger people, the scholar depth and the perfection of this production goes way beyond my head, how you have managed. Also, that you have made an artistic touch with the whole thing too. This is awesome.

So thank you. I am studying Chinese music now. And I hope to complete your program in addition. I really hope this will be the thing that becomes my home resource to nosedive into thinking mandarin.

Greetings from Norway,
Halvard Lund, a meowsome learner on Ninchanese

The Nincha Team

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