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Learn Chinese Everywhere with Ninchanese’s Android App!

We’re excited to announce that Ninchanese is available on the Play Store! That’s a whole new range of places where you can learn Chinese unlocked for you now, thanks to Ninchanese’s new Android App!

Are your thumbs ready for action anytime, anywhere?

We know your need to learn Chinese can pop up anytime, anywhere, so we’ve been working hard on making that possible. Now, if you have an Android Phone, you can take your Chinese teaching cats wherever you go with you!

The app has been designed to work well on your phone. Everything is super handy and accessible. With the Android App, learning Chinese is simple to do at any time and efficient. I hope you enjoy it!

Head here to download the Ninchanese app and have lots of fun learning Mandarin Chinese!

Screenshots of the Android App: Easy, peasy learning, straight on your phone

What’s in the Android App

Everything you love about Ninchanese, packaged for handy on the go learning:

  • Content for beginners to advanced learners
  • A built-in dictionary, where you can search in pinyin, Chinese characters, and English, to look up all the words you run into
  • 8000 + Chinese words to learn for free
  • Fun and intuitive Sentence building to work on your grammar skills
  • An even better Speaking experience. Give it a try, seriously: Tablet and phone microphones are excellent at understanding you with their built-in microphones. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Welcome to the Family

First came the web, then came the Chrome Store, and now we’re happy to welcome the Android App as our newest addition to the Ninchanese family. So now, you have plenty of options to learn on whichever device you want: your computer, tablet, or phone!

Happy Chinese learning!

Update: The launch has been tremendously fun with all your support! Thank you all!

The Nincha Team

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