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Update to Ninchanese Voice recognition

We’re thrilled to announce all dialogues stages on Ninchanese are now puuurfect! The voice recognition understands all your tones perfectly, and you can score 100% on every stage!

Some details about it

We’ve been doing a significant rework on every contextual dialogue stage. Before, on average, a Chinese native could score 90% on the speaking recognition score. We thought it was great, but we wanted to make it even better. Now they score 100% on every stage! We’ve taught the voice recognition to understand Chinese better and corrected some mistakes along the way to match our curriculum.


What does it mean for you Chinese learners?

A lot! The voice recognition analyzes your pronunciation better. So you can be sure to say every word with the right tone and that you’ll be understood in China. So now you can train yourself to speak Chinese and learn every tone right.

Update log:

Mic listens better even in a busy surrounding
Understands hundreds of words better
No more undefined sentences
No more inconsistent “you missed this part”
No more issues with polyphonic characters
No more interjection problems with 嗯, 哈哈 ,呀 。。。
No more issues with numbers
All tones understood
Minor typo fixes

It’s an outstanding technical achievement for us, and we’re glad to share it with you. Make the most out of Ninchanese, little dragons!
Happy Chinese learning!

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