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A Roadmap for Ninchanese: our Post-Kickstarter Plan

Ninchanese is funded on Kickstarter! It’s both really exciting and humbling to have so many backers believe in us and in our gamified Chinese learning app! We now have our work cut out to keep improving and growing Ninchanese. Read on to see what features we’ll be bringing to Ninchanese in the next 6 months!

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The science of storytelling: Why it powers your Chinese learning

In Ninchanese, you’re doing a lot more than simply learning Chinese. Today, we wanted to tell you more  about why we chose to send you Chinese learner, on a quest to save Ninchana as they learn Chinese and why we’re convinced storytelling powers your Chinese learning.

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The Ninchanese trailer is here!

Nincha discover a dragon! And he made his mission to make him speak Chinese. Here we go!

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