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10 Ways to Say Goodbye in Mandarin

One of the first things you learn in Chinese is to say hello. But do you also know how to say goodbye in Mandarin? Knowing how to say goodbye is just as important as knowing how to say hello, yes, no and thank you in Chinese. In fact, knowing how to take leave from someone […]

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Body parts in Chinese – Infographic! Your key to a perfect massage

Like Chinese massages? This infographic of human body parts in Chinese will be very useful to explain where you’d like to get a massage. Comes in handy in other situations too! Learn how to describe your body from head to toe in Chinese with this handy worksheet.

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Practice: Refresh your Chinese and don’t forget!

Chinese is a great language to learn. It’s fun; it’s fascinating; it’s a challenge. It can also easily be forgotten. Because that’s how our memory works. It forget things. The way to prevent this? You practice. Better yet, you make it your daily routine to practice Chinese. The idea: To hit refresh on your knowledge, on […]

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Chinese proverb: Go the mountain and meet the tiger.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that goes: 上得山多终遇虎 (pinyin: shàng de děi shān duō zhōng yù hǔ). This means “If you go to the mountain often enough, you will meet the tiger.” But what does that mean? Is it good? Bad? Neither?

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