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Thanksgiving in Chinese: Stuff your face with these Words

This week’s all about food, family, saying thanks, and being grateful for the help of the native Americans that allowed the first pilgrims to survive. We’re talking about… You guessed it, Thanksgiving! So quite naturally, as a Chinese learner, you might be asking yourself: how do you say Thanksgiving in Chinese? How do you talk about Thanksgiving dishes in Chinese? Also, does Ninchanese celebrate Thanksgiving? Yes! Keep reading, and you’ll get answers to all these questions! Ready to stuff your face and your brain?

In this blog post, you’ll see:
How to write happy Thanksgiving in Chinese
What is the name for Black Friday in Chinese
Black Friday Ninchanese Sale
Thanksgiving Food in Chinese Vocabulary
Learn Thanksgiving words in Chinese on Ninchanese!


Thanksgiving is a popular celebration in the US and Canada – they celebrate it on a different day.

At Ninchanese, we want you to be able to share this tradition with your Chinese-speaking friends, so, in addition to the word list here, we have something special for you: A whole stage dedicated to Thanksgiving words! As well as a purrfect Black Friday sale you’ll want to know about. So keep reading!

First things first, let’s see how to say Thanksgiving in Chinese.

How to write happy Thanksgiving in Chinese

In Mandarin, you say:

Gǎn ēn jié
Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving in Chinese: a very apt literal meaning

The name for Thanksgiving in Chinese language literally means: The Day to Give Thanks.

Character Breakdown:
感恩  [gǎn ēn] is to be thankful in Chinese.
[jié] means festival

Together, they form a very fitting name in Chinese for Thanksgiving!

To write Happy Thanksgiving in Chinese characters, you want to add the word 快乐[kuài lè], which means happy.

So to say Happy Thanksgiving in Chinese language, you’ll say:

Gǎn ēn jié kuài lè
Happy Thanksgiving

Speaking of which:

The Nincha Team 祝你感恩节快乐!
The Nincha Team zhù nǐ gǎnēn jié kuàilè!
The Nincha Team behind Ninchanese wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

What is the name for Black Friday in Chinese?

Another essential part of the Thanksgiving Tradition now is Black Friday! This term designates the Friday following Thanksgiving. This special Friday has become a big day full of sales and discounts. Kind of like Singles’ Day in China, with probably fewer sales.

And while a lot of countries don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, one thing most countries now do is Black Friday sales!

How to say Black Friday in Chinese

Black Friday

The name 黑五 [hēiwǔ] is short for 黑色星期五 [hēisèxīng qīwǔ] – literally black Color Friday.

On Black Friday, what you’re looking for the most is:

Black friday discounts

Speaking of which… there’s a meowsome BLACK FRIDAY sale about to happen at Ninchanese!

Black Friday Ninchanese Sale

This weekend only, get a whopping 40% OFF any plan in Ninchanese. Not only is that our meowsomest promo yet, but it’ll also be gone in a flash. So, don’t miss it!

More Thanksgiving goodies!
You know about the delightful sale on Ninchanese; you know how to wish a Happy Day to Give Thanks in Chinese. Great start! Are you ready now to learn more yummy words around Thanksgiving in Chinese?

Thanksgiving Food in Chinese Vocabulary

A huge part of Thanksgiving, aside from gathering with family or friends and being grateful, is… eating! So let’s talk meowsome Thanksgiving food words in Mandarin. You can learn them for free on Ninchanese and read them right here.

Word Pinyin Meaning
南瓜 Nánguā pumpkin
Pài  pie (loanword)
南瓜 Nánguā pài pumpkin pie
火鸡  Huǒ jī turkey
土豆泥 Tǔ dòu ní mashed potatoes
红薯 Hóng shǔ sweet potato
山核桃 Shān hé tao pecan (nuts)
小红莓 Xiǎo hóng méi cranberry
卤汁 Lǔ zhī  gravy
四季豆 Sì jì dòu green beans
砂锅 shā guō casserole
大吃 dà chī to pig out; to eat too much
宴会 yàn huì feast, banquet

Learn Thanksgiving words in Chinese on Ninchanese!

Reading about Thanksgiving words is one thing, and you know what is 100% better?
Learning these scrumptious thanksgiving dishes in Chinese.

What are you waiting for? Go learn them on Ninchanese for free! They are all here!

Enjoy this feast of Thanksgiving words in Mandarin!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be learning, straight from the Ninchanese web app.


Are these Chinese words for Thanksgiving making you hungry? Grateful?  Which is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Let us know in the comments!

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