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Best Douyin Activities to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger

Want to prepare and celebrate the Year of the Tiger 2022 and wondering what to do? We (with a little help from 抖音) got you.  Here are some of the best activities on 抖音 (Douyin, the original Chinese version of Tiktok) activities to do to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and the Chinese New Year!

Wondering what to do for 除夕 New Year’s Eve to help welcome in the Year of the Tiger? Sure, there’s useful stuff, like cleaning to start the new year fresh. Luckily, there are plenty of fun things you can also easily do from home to put yourself in the Lunar New Year spirit! Check out this selection of the best Douyin Activities to celebrate 虎年 (hǔ nián)! (That’s the year of the tiger in Mandarin Chinese).

新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year from the Nincha Team

Special Year of the Tiger Activities

2022 is going to be the year of the Tiger. More specifically, the water tiger.  To celebrate, there’s a special themed course on Ninchanese!

Learn all about the Year of the Tiger in a special themed course on Ninchanese

The Year of the Tiger will hold no mystery for you once you’ve completed this mini-course!

The Chinese New Year course is full of essential words and sentences to learn in Chinese. You’ll also find meowsome dialogues to teach you the fun customs around Chinese New Year celebrations. Purrfect to learn all about the Year of the Tiger in Chinese! From a Tiger Zodiac Sign’s personality, to what it means to be a Tiger in 2022, you’ll be learning a lot and enjoying yourself at the same time!

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These special treats are only here for the next two weeks until the Lunar New Year ends, so don’t miss out!

Since we’re ushering in the year of the Tiger 2022, making tiger decorations is also a must! Besides, tigers are soo cute, so why fight it?

Make little tigers out of clementines

These little tigers made out of clementines are just purrfect and cheap to make:

Put together bouncy tigers

Out of clementines at home? Try making these bouncy tigers instead!

Make paper cutouts

Chinese paper cutting is a delicate art. In Chinese, paper cutouts are called 剪纸 (jiǎn zhǐ). You’ll also run into them called 窗花 (chuāng huā)
It’s very traditional for Chinese New Year for families to make paper cutouts together. With these fairly simple Douyin videos you can make your own too!

Make a purrfect tiger cut-out (虎年窗花)

This is what the Nincha Team made following this tutorial. It really is pretty easy to follow!

Not directly related to the Tiger zodiac sign, it’s always a good idea to give your household double happiness with this Douyin tutorial.


More Chinese New Year 2022 activities

In addition to these super cute manual activities to welcome in the Year of the Tiger and make the Tiger Zodiac Sign right at home, there’s a lot more meowsome stuff you can do! The goal? To make the coming Year of the Tiger auspicious and a prosperous year.

Put together 红包 – red envelopes

Elders traditionally give 红包 to the younger members of the family. Inside, you’ll usually find money, but as you can see in these videos, candy is an excellent little treat too!

Don’t want traditional-looking 红包? How about candy-shaped ones, then?

If you prefer presenting your treats that way, here’s an excellent Douyin tutorial to make some yourself!

Make dumplings

First, follow our guide for a successful dumpling party! Then, watch these videos for easy folding techniques.

Or do they make it look easy? We’ll be trying these techniques tonight so fingers crossed!

Make coin shaped dumplings for prosperity
Or fold them the traditional 饺子 way!

Sing the New Year song


Fair warning: Set to a tune you’ll no doubt recognize (Oh My Darling Clementine), the Chinese New Year song is a song that can easily stay stuck in your head.
Learn the lyrics here and then learn how to sing it with this cute Douyin tutorial.

Dress up

Another good way to prepare yourself for the Year of the Tiger is to put on new clothes, red items of clothing particularly, and dress up nicely. That activity is always lovely to do! So don new clothes and even meowsome hairpieces, like this one below:

Throw fireworks

Fireworks are a big must to celebrate the Chinese New Year. If you’re out of fireworks or noisy things are banned in your area, try this dish featured a lot of 抖音 instead.

Draw lots of Chinese New Year-related decorations

Lanterns, coins, coin-shaped things (for luck), golden elements (for more chance), fish … there are plenty of auspicious shapes to choose from!

Here’s a 抖音 hack to easily draw Chinese New Year themed knickknacks:

Who knew numbers could be so helpful?

It’s meant for kids, but we won’t tell if you don’t!

Hang up a lot of 福 upside down

You can place them on cards…

You can place them on your windows, on your walls…

Well, maybe not literally on your walls.

Just make sure you have a lot of upside-down (fú) to bring yourself good luck in the coming year.

This concludes our round-up of 抖音 videos and Tiktok tutorials to celebrate the Year of the Tiger 2022! Have fun with these arts and crafts and have a prosperous year of the Tiger!

Speaking of fun stuff, here’s another cool thing for you: a Lunar New Year themed course!

A unique Chinese New Year world on Ninchanese

Come do the Chinese New Year course! It’s a free themed mini-world that’s only available during one special period of the year, and that’s during the Chinese Spring Festival!

A hot new course specially for the Chinese New Year

36 Stages full of essential words and sentences to learn in Chinese. To go with it, meowsome dialogues to teach you all about the pawwsitively fun customs that go hand in hand with the Chinese New Year celebrations. Purrfect to learn all about the Spring Festival and the Year of the Tiger in Chinese. From what to do on New Year’s eve to the Lantern Festival, you’ll be learning a lot and will love doing that!

This special world is only here for the next two weeks until the Lunar New Year ends, so don’t miss out!

And one more thing…

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P.S: Do you have the Chinese New Year song stuck in your head now too? Purrfect to put you in the Year of The Tiger spirit!

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