Chinese character Vocabulary for Beijing winter Olympics sports

China is in the spotlight for the Winter Olympics sport and so it was time for learning the Winter Olympics in Chinese. The 2022 Winter Olympics start on the  4 February 2022 and is taking place in Beijing, China. So, it’s time to learn Some Winter sports in Mandarin Chinese.

Winter Olympics in Chinese

The Olympics is a beautiful event that brings people from all over the world to celebrate sportsmanship and peace between the people. China has won that place for 2022 and Beijing will be hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics. However, it’s not an easy task, as they have to secure everyone’s health in these times of Covid. So we will all be watching the sports from home, and we are impatient to follow the event and this time in Chinese.

Do you know how to say the winter Olympics game in Chinese? It’s 冬奥会 – dōnɡ ào huì – Winter Olympics Game, so that’s a good start.


We’re not all that familiar with winter sports like skiing, bobsleigh, or curling in Chinese. So, it’s with great fun that we wrote this article today with a collection of all the winter sports that will be attended in Beijing 2022.

Here’s a set of vocabulary related to the Winter Olympic Sports in Chinese. Purrfect to follow the Olympics and be familiar with the official Winter Sporting events.

2022 Olympics: Skiing in Chinese

高山滑雪 – gāo shān huá xuě – alpine skiing
滑降 – huá jiàng – downhill (skiing)
超级大回转 – chāo jí dà huí zhuǎn – super giant slalom (Super G)
大回转 – dà huí zhuǎn – giant slalom
回转滑雪  – huí zhuǎn – slalom skiing
跳台滑雪 – tiào tái huá xuě – ski jumping
自由式滑雪 – zì yóu shì huá xuě – freestyle skiing
障碍追逐 – zhàng ài zhuī zhú – obstacle pursuit (slopestyle)
台滑雪 – dà tiào tái – Big Air
越野滑雪 – yuè yě huá xuě – cross-country skiing
越野滑雪赛 – yuè yě huá xuě sài – cross country skiing race

Winter Olympics: Ice Skating in Chinese

短道速滑 – duǎn dào sù huá – short track speed skating
花样滑冰 – huā yàng huá bīng – figure skating
单人滑 – dān rén huá – single skating
双人滑 – shuāng rén huá – pair skating
冰舞 – bīng wǔ – ice dancing / ice dance
混合双人滑 – hùn hé shuāng rén – mixed double
速度滑冰 – sù dù huá bīng –  speed skating

Bobsled in Chinese and other Winter Olympic sports

冰壶 – bīng hú – curling
北欧两项 – Běi Ōu liǎng xiàng – nordic biathlon
冬季两项 – dōng jì liǎng xiàng – winter biathlon
雪车 – xuěchē – snowmobile
雪橇 – xuě qiāo – bobsled
单板滑雪 – dān bǎn huá xuě – snowboarding
冰球 – bīng qiú – ice hockey

And that’s all for all the big winter sports. You’re now ready to watch them and know what they talk about these sports on TV!

Learn these Olympic Words in Chinese

If you want to be sure to know these Olympic Winter Sports in Chinese, I recommend adding them to your Nincha Deck in the Ninchanese app. The Nincha Decks are your personalized lists of Chinese character learning on Ninchanese.

Once you know them well, there’s a trivia game about the Winter Olympics games. It’s fun to play in Chinese, but it’s not easy. You have 15 seconds to answer a question in Chinese and choose between 4 answers. It goes super fast, but it’s fun :D!

Enjoy and have fun during the winter Olympics!

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