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9 meowsome reasons to still learn Chinese even though China is CLOSED

When learning a language, sometimes it’s good to check in with oneself and reassess one’s goals. Why are you learning Chinese? What’s your motivation? Whether it’s for personal growth, interest, or obtaining a specific objective, there is a myriad of good reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese. And, just in case the pandemic and the closed […]

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Business in China: How to do it?

China is not that difficult to work with and has pretty enthusiastic people. There are a few rules, you are already doing most of them, but some business practices in China can surprise you. So let’s see how doing business in China works.

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New course: Let’s get down to business in Chinese!

Get your ticket to working with companies in China! Business is pretty much the only reason we’re allowed to travel to China anymore, so the Nincha Team is happy to introduce a new world entirely dedicated to Business in Chinese. Read on to learn more about this new course and for behind-the-scenes meowsome details!

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