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Top 10 Manhua of all time to read in Chinese

Are you a fan of Chinese manhua? If so, you’re in for a treat! Chinese manhua has a long history, and some of the most beloved titles of all time come from the genre. Manhua is also full of different styles of stories, giving you a unique insight into Chinese culture.

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Du Chinese Review of a great graded Reader

Do you want to be able to read Chinese without learning it? Reader apps provide graded Chinese texts and tools to help you decipher a text quickly. Today we’re reviewing Du Chinese, one of the most popular Graded Chinese readers.

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The Three-Body Problem and Science-fiction in Chinese

With the Chinese launching recently 天眼, the World’s biggest telescope, alien life & science-fiction have been on our minds a lot. So today, we wanted to talk about science-fiction in China and in Chinese. More specifically, we wanted to introduce to you one of China’s biggest and most well-known Science-fiction writers: Cixin Liu. Read on […]

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