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How to review words on Ninchanese when the number is too high

When you want to learn Chinese, you need to go for it and work on it every day. Everyone will tell you that. It’s true for every language you are learning. Regularity is the key. As is reviewing words you’ve just learned, so they go from your short-term to your long-term memory. We know, however, […]

Beginner Chinese learning tips Ninchanese

Should I do more than my daily Chinese character learning reviews? If yes, then what?

Recently, a Chinese learner phrased something in a particular way. He reached out to us and said: “I have a memory problem. How can I do more reviews?”

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Ninchanese is out of Beta!

On our mission to deliver the best Chinese learning app, we’re thrilled to announce that Ninchanese is out of beta!

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World HSK 5: An Epic world for Epic Chinese learning

The HSK 5 world is now complete! The Nincha Team has been working tremendously to create and offer you a complete and interactive course to learn Chinese at an advanced level.

Advanced Beginner Chinese learning tips Intermediate Ninchanese

Update to Ninchanese Voice recognition

We’re thrilled to announce all dialogues stages on Ninchanese are now puuurfect! The voice recognition understands all your tones perfectly, and you can score 100% on every stage!

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New world: The Chinese Character Universe – Science-based Chinese character learning

You Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new science-based world on Ninchanese: the Universe of Chinese Characters – the most advanced way to learn Chinese Characters yet. This all-new word on Ninchanese has been designed with one goal in mind: to drive your Chinese character acquisition like no other. In a world that goes back […]

Advanced Beginner Chinese learning tips Intermediate Ninchanese Popular

Learn Chinese Everywhere with Ninchanese’s Android App!

We’re excited to announce that Ninchanese is available on the Play Store! That’s a whole new range of places where you can learn Chinese unlocked for you now, thanks to Ninchanese’s new Android App!

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Nincha is visiting the Chinese Part of Pairi Daiza

Nincha was super excited to be with Mat visiting the Chinese Parts of Pairi Daiza this weekend! Take a small walk with Nincha and see his pictures to discover Chinese buildings and the little China that lives in Pairi Daiza.


Review: User Halvard loves the gaming side of Ninchanese

Sometimes, our users, real-life Chinese learners like you and me send us terrific feedback on the app too good to keep only to ourselves. So, we thought: who would want to read what a Chinese learner thinks of using Ninchanese? Well, perhaps, prospective learners wondering if this gamified and comprehensive way to learn Mandarin is […]

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Ninchanese is on Product Hunt!

Big news: Ninchanese was just hunted on Product Hunt! We’re now in the top apps of the day, meowsome! Our goal is to stay in the top featured apps of the day, want to give us a hand? 🙂

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