What is Halloween in Chinese?

It’s Halloween time soon! How are you planning on celebrating this spooky holiday? We have a great Nincha activity for you: learning how to say Halloween in Chinese! It’s a great way to train your vocabulary for Halloween in Chinese.

What is Halloween called in Chinese?


Halloween in Chinese is 万圣节 (wànshèngjié).
It litterally means the “thousand – or many – spirit holiday”.

So that’s how you say Halloween in Chinese: 万圣节 (wànshèngjié).

Note: The Chinese name of Halloween also covers the next day, which is known as “All Saints Day” in other parts of the world!

To wish someone a Happy Halloween in Chinese, say 万圣节快乐 (wànshèngkuàilè!)!

Halloween traditions in Chinese

A big Halloween tradition is carving pumpkins. What are you going to carve on your pumpkin?

A pumpkin is called a 南瓜 (Nánguā).

Are you going to stick with the traditional scary/smiley face for your Jack-O-Lantern or attempt something different? What about carving your favorite Chinese characters, perhaps? Bet it’s good practice!

Can you guess what a Jack-O-Lantern is called in Chinese?

Hint: think about it in no-nonsense mode. How would you simply describe a Jack-O-Lantern to someone? What would you tell them?

A Jack-O-Lantern is, really, a light in a pumpkin! 

So that’s why the Chinese call a Jack-O-Lantern: 南瓜灯 (Nánguādēng). This literally means a pumpkin light.

A Jack-O-Lantern is called a 南瓜灯 (Nánguādēng).

Carve your pumpkin like a Nincha!

This is our 南瓜灯 project: a lucky Nincha cat Jack-o-lantern! That’s right, we carved your favorite Chinese teacher on a pumpkin for Halloween too!
Want to make your own Nincha pumpkin?  Here are the instructions if you want to give it a try too!

Happy trick or treating!

The Nincha Team

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