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Update on Ninchanese: Nincha Decks – Even More Personalized Learning!

Ninchanese has gotten even more personalized. We’re happy to announce a fantastic new feature: the Nincha Decks! The Nincha Decks are your personalized word decks. You can now create your collections of Chinese characters and learn them whenever you want. Meowsome!

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Kickass Vocabulary learning on Ninchanese!

Following our last update (Missed our last beta update? Read up on it here! ), this week’s beta update was focused on one important element, that is key to your Chinese learning: how you learn and review Chinese vocabulary. We’ve worked hard on making our learning smoother, adaptive and way more pleasant to use, as you’ll soon […]

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Chinese tickets: trains and planes, oh my!

Have you seen what Chinese tickets for trains and planes look like? If you haven’t been to China yet, odds are you haven’t.


What is Halloween in Chinese?

It’s Halloween time soon! How are you planning on celebrating this spooky holiday? We have a great Nincha activity for you: learning how to say Halloween in Chinese! It’s a great way to train your vocabulary for Halloween in Chinese.

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