Beginner Chinese culture

14 meowsome websites about China and the Chinese language

We have selected some of the best tools and websites about Chinese culture and language we use every day or visit regularly. These are just a few that we particularly appreciate, the real gems you can use to learn Chinese online or to explore China from the comfort of your home.

Chinese culture Vocabulary

Chinese tickets: trains and planes, oh my!

Have you seen what Chinese tickets for trains and planes look like? If you haven’t been to China yet, odds are you haven’t.

Advanced Beginner Chinese learning tips Intermediate

Top Chinese music sites to learn Chinese with music

Listening to Chinese music is a great way to learn Chinese. It helps you get a feel for the language, its rhythm, hear and learn new words in (song) context… But where do you go to listen to Chinese music online? Asian number one popsongs aside (think we’re all about Gangnam style-d out), up and […]

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