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Brain candy: 15 Halloween words in Chinese 

The spookiest, scariest times are upon us. We’re of course talking about Halloween!

Maybe you already know how to say Halloween in Chinese, but do you know any other frightful words around Halloween in Chinese? It’s the purfect time to learn some so you can have a complete Halloween spooky kit in Chinese.

Before you turn into an I-scream (get the frightful Halloween joke?), let’s see 15 Halloween in Chinese words!

How to write happy Halloween in Chinese

First things first, let’s see how to say Halloween in Chinese.


Wàn shèng jié

This is a shorter version of its full name in Chinese:  万圣节前夕 [Wàn shèng jié Qián xī],which literally means: the eve before All Saint’s Day.

You can also use [guǐjié] to say Halloween in Chinese language. [guǐ] is “ghost” in Chinese, and [jié] is “festival”, so describing Halloween as the ghost festival is pretty fitting!

To write Happy Halloween in Chinese characters, you want to add the word 快乐, which means happy.

So to say Happy Halloween in Chinese language, you’ll say:


Wàn shèng jié kuài lè
Happy Halloween


With , here’s how to say happy Halloween in Chinese:


guǐ jié kuài lè
Happy Ghost Day (Halloween)!

Speaking of which:

The Nincha Team 祝你万圣节快乐!

The Nincha Team zhù nǐ wànshèngjié kuàilè!
The Nincha Team behind Ninchanese wishes you a Happy Halloween!

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Let’s see more Halloween words in Chinese!

Chinese Halloween Vocabulary

南瓜       Nánguā              pumpkin
南瓜灯    Nánguā dēng    Jack-o’-lantern
        Hēi māo             black cat
蜘蛛        Zhīzhū                spider
巫婆        Wūpó                  witch
扫把        Sàobǎ                 broom
面具        Miànjù                mask
猫头鹰    Māotóuyīng       owl
糖果        Tángguǒ            candies
骨架        Gǔjià                   skeleton
怪物        Guàiwù                monster
            Guǐ                       ghost
鬼屋        Guǐwū                  haunted house
僵尸        Jiāng shī              Chinese vampire / Chinese-style Zombie
捣蛋        Dǎo dàn                to play tricks

Making your own Jack-o’lantern this year? Why not carve a beautiful lucky Nincha on your 南瓜 Here’s a meowsome guide to do so! 

There are some pretty great Halloween costumes on the list, don’t you think? Nincha’s being a 僵尸 this year! That’s a Chinese-style zombie! What about you?

Bonus: Two Halloween Chinese Expressions

Want more? Here are two thrilling and chilling sentences to use, too to howl on Halloween in Chinese:


Bù gěi táng, jiù dǎodàn
Trick or treat!


ō,nǐxiàlewǒyītiào !
Oh, you scared me!

Enjoy this haunted collection of Halloween words in Chinese!

The Nincha Team

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