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Learn to speak Chinese well
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“I am living proof Ninchanese is amazing! I just started my Mandarin Chinese course, it’s university level and I’m already ahead of everyone.”

— Jemma, Ninchanese user

Learn on the Go

Each game-based lesson is short, sweet, and easy to follow, and the app will be your companion to your Chinese.

Plenty of stages to pick from so you can match the content with what you're learning in your Chinese class

“I really love Ninchanese app! its easy to navigate, very effective way to learn, nice graphic design, interesting story and most important fun to learn and play.”

— Moonwatcher, Ninchanese user

Use the personalized learning algorithm to put what you learn in your long-term memory and ace those tests in Chinese class

Progress Fast in Chinese

Take Ninchanese with you wherever you go and improve your Chinese level with:

  • Efficient memory learning system for Chinese
  • Simple and effective Chinese grammar tools
  • Cutting-edge Chinese voice recognition technology

“It’s a very good app to learn Chinese. I am very excited about this way to learn.”

— Junio Magela, Ninchanese user

Your Personalized Guide to Fluency

Follow your personal learning journey to succeed and reach a conversational level in Chinese.

Chinese pronunciation with speaking stages.

“The content is really varied and I’m really enjoying playing and memorizing my way through it all.”

— Mihorain, Ninchanese user

Have fun while learning

Gamified to Make Your Chinese Learning Easy and to Keep You Motivated

  • Follow a story = discover China’s culture
  • Learn new Chinese words = score points
  • Speak Chinese = climb to the top of the leaderboard
  • and more to discover!
Intuitive exercises and game mechanics make learning Chinese a lot of fun
take the bus and learn chinese

It’s Always Time to Improve Your Chinese

On the bus, waiting in line… Even if it’s just 5 minutes, there’ll always be something for you to learn on Ninchanese’s Android apps!

Playing with Friends Is the Best Way to Learn Chinese

Ninchallenges are perfect games to challenge your knowledge of Chinese against those in your Chinese class

It only takes one minute to start a game and see which knows more Chinese characters!

More Than 3500 Mandarin Lessons

You’ll keep progressing in Chinese until you reach a conversational level

Get all the support you need for your Chinese class on Ninchanese
Learn the vocabulary to read newspapers, magazines, books and more in Chinese
Looking to learn Business Chinese so that next negotiation in China goes over smoothly? You've come to the right place
Travel across China and be at ease everywhere thanks to the travel and survival Chinese courses


  • 8000+ Chinese words to learn for free
  • 500+ sentence patterns to unlock
  • 100+ grammar lessons
  • 200+ dialogues to practise speaking and listening
  • 1000+ sentences to write
  • 500+ stages to finish
  • 150 badges to unlock
  • 5 levels for beginners to advanced learners
  • 10,000+ example sentences to see words in context


  • Built for beginners to advanced learners
  • Gamified learning to easily stay motivated
  • Bite-sized lessons to do at your own pace
  • Learn by doing, it’s more fun and more effective
  • Play with your friends and Chinese learners around the globe
  • Keep new vocabulary and sentence patterns in your long-term memory
  • Master Chinese pronunciation and tones


  • Adaptive and active learning
  • Personalized review system
  • Intuitive Chinese sentence-building stages
  • Instant feedback on your Chinese pronunciation with built-in voice-recognition
  • Listening stages to practice writing Chinese
  • Dictionary and character decomposition
  • Multiplayer games in Chinese
  • Time-attacks to improve your recall speed

Ninchanese comes with extra tools you’ll love having with you

A Full Chinese-English Dictionary in Your Pocket

You’ll always have a Chinese dictionary with you:

  • Pinyin and tone
  • Meaning and idioms
  • Chinese character stroke order animations
  • Example sentences
  • Components and radicals
  • Character etymology
  • and more
Ninchanese's comprehensive dictionary is all you need to look up words in Chinese class

“I’m really enjoying your site and look forward to progressing my Chinese. Definitely worth the subscription offer!”

— Chris Hayer, Ninchanese user

A Beautiful Story of a Dragon
and a Cat That Discover China

Once upon a time, the cats of Ninchana were in great danger… and it’s up to you to save them!

Everything You Need to Master Chinese Will Be Right in Your Pocket

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