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Ninchanese web app and mobile

Ninchanese web app and mobile

New world: The Chinese character universe, backed by Science!

We’re incredibly excited to announce a new science-based world on Ninchanese: the Chinese Character Universe – the most advanced way to learn Chinese Characters yet. This all-new word on Ninchanese was designed with one goal in mind: to drive your character acquisition like no other with the help of Science (read more)


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nihao in Chinese

Say Hello

Meet new people

Speak Chinese

number one in chinese

Learn to count

Numbers in Chinese

Learn Chinese Words

direction in Chinese


How far is it?

Build Chinese Sentences

Chinese food noodle miam

Eat out

Go to the restaurant

Learn Chinese Words

Chinese money

At the bank

Change money into RMB

Learn Chinese Words

what time in Chinese

Talk about time

What was it like before?

Build Chinese Sentences

business in China


Negotiate like a pro

Speak Chinese

travel in China

Travel tour

Take a plane to China

Learn Chinese Words

ninchallenge ninchanese screenshot

Play and learn with other Chinese learners.

Ninchallenge your friends and other Chinese learners in fun and friendly battles over your knowledge of Chinese.

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vocabulary learning

Vocabulary Learning

Chinese sentence building

Sentence Building

speak chinese tone

Speech Recognition

learn write chinese


science Chinese language

Scientifically Proven

Chinese story


Chinese culture lantern


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