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Ninchanese is a new science-based Chinese language education web application.

Ninchanese first started in October 2013 as a self-funded side project. After more than 1, 000, 000 words have been reviewed and over 100,000 words learned on our platform while in closed beta, the app is now in open beta and accessible to all. We owe a huge thanks to our learners for joining us on this awesome journey and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

Why Ninchanese?

There’s a big problem with the way people currently learn Chinese.

Traditional Chinese learning methods encourage learners to spend years writing character strokes over and over again, learning countless lists of vocabulary out of context and don’t focus on speech and pronunciation enough. This may be the traditional approach to learning Chinese used by most teachers to teach Mandarin Chinese, but the result it usually has is: it kills your motivation to learn Chinese and makes you think Chinese is a difficult language to learn.

We want to change that.

Ninchanese’s missions

Ninchanese has two goals to serve the Chinese learning community.

 #1. We want learners to stop thinking Chinese is hard.

Ninchanese was created to offer learners a fun and effective learning method that changes the way they view Chinese. The method we built harnesses the power of science and games to make learning Chinese simple and enjoyable. With Ninchanese, Chinese learning becomes accessible to everyone. Learners on the platform remember faster and more easily what they learn in Chinese and quickly start speaking Chinese.

#2. We want learners to use the Chinese they learn.

Ninchanese creates enjoyable learning tools that empower learners to take their Chinese to the next level. Nincha Learners are provided with a personalized gamified learning program that adjusts over time based on performance. This allows learners to have fun learning how to speak, understand, read and write Chinese, building the skills they need to effectively communicate in Chinese.

The Team

Three humans and three (virtual) cats. We love seeing learners gain the confidence to speak and use Chinese in their everyday life. That’s why we’re enjoying making Ninchanese so much.

Press Room and Media Kit

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