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Getting Started Guide

Just starting to learn Chinese? We’ve got you covered. This Nincha guide will take you through everything you need to know to effectively learn Chinese with Ninchanese. You can also scroll down to read the short version.

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The Short and Sweet Version

The best way to use Ninchanese is to explore the app directly and meet Nincha, who will show you everything you need to start. Here are a few suggestions of what you can start with.

Sign up

The first thing to do after you sign up on Ninchanese? Click Play to go to the First World and meet Nincha, Yocha and Baimei, your Chinese teachers. Nincha will help discover new Chinese words and characters, Yocha will get you to practice sentence-building and Baimei will teach you how to speak and understand useful dialogues in Mandarin Chinese using the words you just learned.

Choose a world that suits your level

Ninchanese is very straight forward. You actively learn new notions at your own pace, and gradually unlock new stages as you progress and level up in Chinese. If you're just starting to learn Chinese, we recommend you start with World 1, the beginner world. If you already know some Chinese, you can choose to jump ahead to a different world to move to a higher level of Chinese.

Level up your Chinese

In your Chinese-learning journey on Ninchanese, you are Lupishu, a baby dragon. As your Chinese improves, you'll level up and proudly evolve from a baby dragon to a majestic dragon. There are plenty of fun mini-games to try your hand at to level up! Give the time-attacks a try, for example, it's really fun to try to win all the gold medals and see how fast you are in Chinese.

Make friends

Learning Chinese is more fun with friends so we suggest you fill out your profile and add a profile picture. That way, other Chinese learners can get to know you a bit and add you. You can also go explore the Ninchallenge section to play in Chinese against other Chinese learners and your friends!

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