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I’m so happy with Ninchanese! It is awesome.

Mario Ninchanese User

Ninchanese is absolutely awesome so far! I love the cute and fun design, it makes learning Chinese an exciting game and manages to give the language a welcoming and positive you-can-do-it vibe.

Narena Ninchanese User

Thanks for your work! I am really enjoying learning in game format.

Ken Ninchanese User

I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed learning Chinese using your app. In particular, I’d like to give a shout out to the spaced repetition when reviewing characters and the nicely-explained grammar lessons, both of which are likely my favorite features and definitely heaps helpful when learning.

朱丽亚 Lifetime Ninchanese user / Kickstarter backer

The content is really varied and I’m really enjoying playing and memorizing my way through it all.

Mihorain Ninchanese user

I really love ninchanese, it’s easy to use, funny. the cats and dragons as Mandarin teachers, the best internet teachers in the history.


I’m really enjoying the system and getting the hang of it. Thank you for making it!

meame Ninchanese user

Actually, I find Ninchanese the best app to learn Chinese (I’m being honest) it’s been 4 months I’ve been learning Chinese and trying different apps and sites to learn Chinese, and, ever since I started using Ninchanese, I come out learning something new every single day. JIA YOU! thank you for this great app, wish you the best.

Nina C. Ninchanese user

The way we are learning is awesome. Absolutely love it.

Jmiro 1 Ninchanese user

It’s a very good app to learn Chinese. I am very excited about this way to learn.

JunioMagela Ninchanese user

I really love it!

Nerve Impulse Ninchanese user

I’ve been playing a bit with your platform and it is quite cool! Congrats!

Juan Ninchanese user

Fun way to learn Chinese!

Heidi Ninchanese user

First of all I would like to say that your site is great, it is a lot of fun to use. Keep up the great work.

DreadMonkey Ninchanese user

First of all the game is amazing, do know that!

Unknown Ninchanese user

I just want to feedback on how incredibly quick you are at getting back to us regarding feedback given. (That’s a mouthful!) But seriously, I love the whole concept of this website, it’s fun, it’s easy to use, and most importantly it’s encouraging and incentivises you to learn. Keep up the good work!

Yufeilong Ninchanese user

The design is great, it’s a real pleasure to do my Chinese exercises each day.

Gwenael Ninchanese user

The Challenge feature is really cool!

Unknow Ninchanese user

Just been trying out the microphone feature. Very cool! For the most part it is actually very accurate.

Yufeilong Ninchanese user

Loving this site so far!

Nascarano Ninchanese user

Enjoying the site. Good for practicing Chinese.

Roger Ninchanese user

You guys did already a great job, really love your Ninchanese app! its easy to navigate, very effective way to learn, nice graphic design, interesting story and most important fun to learn and play.

Moonwatcher Ninchanese user

Dear Ninchanese Team, I really enjoy Ninchanese. It is a lot of fun to read the story and playing the challenge. I had some Chinese skills before and Ninchanese is fantastic to repeat my vocabulary. Greetings

芬雅 Ninchanese user

I am happy to found you guys and looking forward to see more of your app soon.

Tomi Ninchanese user

I think this site is awesome. I like the format it is not too long, fast paced and teaches me word order. Very important. I like getting daily emails.

ltyler1988 Ninchanese user

You have a high quality and entertaining education program on your hands.

Jenna Ninchanese user

I think it’s really cool. I really like the idea of challenges! I think you’ve done amazing work! I like how there are different ways of practicing and learning (speaking / repeating sentences, typing words, arranging sentences) So well done for this super cool website (Of course the best thing about it are the cats haha)

Laura Ninchanese user

I’m really enjoying Ninchanese so far. My absolute favorite thing is whatever system you’re using in lessons to pick up spoken words! I adore the fact that it displays what it ‘hears’ to you (I tried to say 叫 and it picked it up as 家 which was both amazing and super helpful for making my fourth tones more forceful). It’s just so helpful and nothing like anything I’ve used for Chinese before – everything else has been more of an in-browser Skype that links you to other speakers. Not having to interact with other humans is great, and the feedback is instant. 😛 But overall, I love Ninchanese! It’s very well done, and very pretty. Thank you again.

GaiaSix Ninchanese user

Thanks for the great product! I am enjoying finally getting stuck into Chinese! [It’s a] really useful learning tool! It’s good fun to surprise my partner with little bits of Chinese 🙂 Thanks, Chris

ChimpMasaki Ninchanese user

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