The Essential Chinese Components to know

Hack your Chinese learning with the Chinese Component World. This course takes you deep into Chinese characters, right down to the component level. Learn key phonetic and semantic parts of characters. Thanks to that, you’ll gain essential knowledge to help you decipher and remember Chinese characters a lot faster.

Learn the most common 200 Chinese components and see characters in a new light!

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OVERVIEW of the Chinese Component Course

This course gives you access to the building blocks of Chinese characters: components. With this course, you’ll give yourself the keys to understanding Chinese characters.

Learn the essential character components that you should know in Mandarin Chinese. Memorize them thanks to our robust spaced repetition algorithm (SRS), made especially for Chinese learning. Then, Chinese characters will be a lot easier to decipher.


In the Chinese Component World, you’ll learn the most valuable character components. You’ll also learn to understand how they are the building blocks of every Chinese character.

Through this course, you’ll explore the three types of elements that form Chinese characters:

  • meaning components,
  • phonetic components
  • and graphic components.

These three types are sorted by usefulness in the course. That way, you can be sure you’ll learn only the most common and frequently used character components.

These building blocks will enable you to remember a character’s meaning or pronunciation more easily. Once you know how to identify the key components in a character, you’ll find it a lot smoother to learn Chinese characters!

Build your character toolkit!

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Understand the logic of the Chinese Writing System

Improve your recognition of Chinese characters

Easily Memorize Chinese Characters

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All Chinese characters are composed of independent parts: these are called components. That’s why components are considered the building units of Chinese characters. Learning these components has many advantages. First, while there are thousands of characters, there are much fewer components to know. In addition, knowing these components helps you understand how characters are structured. They also show you what to look for in a new character.

Native Chinese speakers instinctively recognize characters through their components. So can you after completing this course!

Once you know Chinese components, you’ll be able to recognize and break down Characters. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll understand how characters are structured. Not only that, but you’ll also see how much easier it becomes to remember characters. Complete this course and give yourself the toolkit you need to understand Chinese characters!


  • You should have completed at least World 1 (HSK 1) and World 2 (HSK 2) in Ninchanese. The component World is meowsome to add to your learner’s toolkit once you’ve learned some characters and words already in Mandarin!

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I really like learning the radicals and components of common words.

I love knowing phonetic components, they are so helpful to know how to pronounce a new word or character I’ve never seen before!

This world helps a lot to decipher Chinese characters. It helps me recognize new characters and learn them faster. A must to do even if don’t do it entirely from start to the end 😀

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