Chinese Character Components

Hack Chinese characters by learning how they’re made.
Chinese character components are the key to learning characters more easily

Why you should learn Chinese Character Components

All 80,000+ Chinese characters are composed of the same 200 character components.

Character components are very important for Chinese learners: they are the building blocks of Chinese and the key to easily memorising Chinese characters.

Character components help tremendously with understanding a character and how it’s made. They help you understand the structure and logic of each Chinese character.

There are two types of character components

  • Chinese characters components that provide information on a Chinese character’s meaning: these are called meaning components (also known as semantic components)
  • Chinese character components that give you clues on a Chinese character’s pronunciation: these are called phonetic components

Learn the essential Chinese character components to know and you’ll be equipped with a very powerful toolkit to learn Chinese characters!

Once you’re familiar with character components, you’ll be able to break down, recognise, learn and remember each Chinese character a lot better. Let’s start with meaning components.

Meaning Components

Phonetic components

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