Chinese Grammar Lessons

Handy Chinese lessons to answer any questions you might have
about the Chinese sentence structured and grammar rules classified by level.

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HSK 1 – World 1 Ninchanese – Level A1 Beginner Chinese Grammar Lessons

The Essential Chinese grammar rules for beginners

Every basic grammar point you need to know when you’re beginning to learn Chinese. If you just started learning Chinese, these grammar rules and sentence structures are the ones you want to focus on first.


HSK 2 – World 2 Ninchanese – Level A2 Elementary Chinese Grammar Lessons

Key Chinese grammar points for Elementary learners

Master Basic Chinese grammar with these HSK 2 grammar lessons. Purrfect for elementary learners who already have the complete beginner rules under their belt and want to build a stronger foundation.


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HSK 3 – World 3 Ninchanese – Level B1 Intermediate Chinese Grammar Lessons

Boost your Chinese knowledge with these Intermediate Chinese grammar rules

Just the right quantity of intermediate Chinese grammar points to keep your knowledge of Chinese grammar growing. Full of examples to make each grammar rule simple to understand, these lessons will help you consolidate your understanding of Chinese grammar.


HSK 4 – World 4 Ninchanese – Level B2 Upper intermediate Chinese Grammar Lessons

Upper-Intermediate Chinese grammar points

Complete and easy-to-understand grammar lessons to address your Upper Intermediate Chinese learner needs. These Upper Intermediate lessons cover finer aspects of basic Chinese grammar rules, as well as elements of language to help you say precisely what you want.


Proficient Speaker

HSK 5 – World 5 Ninchanese – Level C1 Advanced Chinese Grammar Lessons

Outstanding Advanced Chinese grammar rules

With these advanced grammar lessons, you’ll learn formal grammar points to allow you to express yourself in every situation. Comfortably learn how to use more advanced Chinese expressions and grammar structures thanks to easy-to-grasp lessons full of examples.


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