Book a hostel in China

Traveling to a Chinese-speaking country? Need help booking a hotel in Chinese? You’re in the right place! This free audio lesson will show you how to make a hotel reservation over the phone or speak to a Chinese receptionist in person.
After this lesson you’ll feel more confident with questions in Chinese like “how much?” and “how many?”, and the kind of basic Mandarin Chinese conversation you need to understand. Listen carefully to the Chinese pronunciation of the native speakers and then practice saying the Chinese words and phrases aloud. Don’t be shy!

Adaptative learning and efficient

You learn the Chinese number thanks to our SRS made especially for Chinese. We are proud to present you the most efficient algorithm with a retention of more than 93% for our users.

Learning material

Word Pinyin Meaning
one; 1
èr two; 2
sān three; 3
four; 4
five; 5
liù six; 6
seven; 7
eight; 8
jiǔ nine; 9
shí ten; 10
十二 shí èr twelve; 12
二十 èr shí twenty; 20

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NinchaneseBook a hostel in China – Dialogue