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Knowing how to ask for directions in Chinese can save you lots of hours wandering around completely lost. Talking about how far sites are, asking where the nearest metro station is, or finding your way to a hidden restaurant gem only locals know about, are essential notions to know. Learn to give and ask for directions in Chinese with our intuitive building-block feature. Once you know how to build the key direction sentences and questions, you’ll be all set to travel in Chinese.

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Natural Sentence Building

Learn the sentences you need to ask for and give directions  in Chinese by actively practicing building them. Chinese word order differs from English word order so understanding Chinese sentences can be tricky at first. We created a inductive way for you to experiment how Chinese sentences are built, because intuitively understanding Chinese sentences is the best way to learn. Give our sentence-building stages a try. You’ll quickly be able to understand Chinese word order, recognize Chinese grammar patterns and to know your way around Chinese cities.

It’s never been easier to learn to build sentences in Chinese.
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