Using Ninchanese

Get to know the basics and a few helpful tips along the way!
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If you are doing a dialogue and can’t speak Chinese at that moment. It’s totally doable to progress without speaking in the mic. It won’t be as efficient to work on your tone and pronunciation but will still be useful to other skills.

On the web app, In the dialogues stages, you have button at the end the dialogue “window” that unable the mic. You’ll then play only the sound of the sentence without the need to speak to progress.  The button is only available on the web app.

What we recommend?

Doing the listening mode instead! The button is handy but you won’t be working actively on your speaking, so a great alternatives in this case is doing the listening, you’ll still work actively on the dialogue without the need to speak.

If you let a dialogue on sound mode only, nothing is blocking you to continue and to come back later to doing it when you can speak.

NinchaneseI don’t want to / can’t use the microphone right now