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Changing the font on Ninchance for a calligraphy one

Some fonts are easier to read than others. That’s why we choose the most clearer font to learn the character we could use. You may have started to learn Chinese with a calligraphy font, so It can be, at first, a little disturbing to get used to the font we use on Ninchanese.

You should not be impressed when you see a calligraphy style font. Calligraphy style character or not, finally, are the same characters, and once you know them, then you will recognize them. But in the beginning, it could be a challenge.

If you want to learn with another font, it’s possible to do it with a little add on to chrome. StyleBot is an add-on that will change the CSS (the styling), and so you can change the font. Once you’ve installed the add on,  you can use this code directly:

“.chinese-font, {
font-family: SimSun;
cursor: default;
body, button, html, input, select, textarea {
color: #222;
font: 15px/26px “Source Sans Pro”,”Droid Sans”,Helvetica,Helvetica Neue,Arial,SimSun,sans-serif;

This code will change the font in Ninchanese. IIn the code, we’ve chosen one that is more calligraphy, but you can change the font-family by one you like.

NinchaneseUsing Chinese calligraphy style font to learn