Using Ninchanese

Get to know the basics and a few helpful tips along the way!
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Ninchallenges: Live or Turn by Turn

Ninchallenges can either be played live if you and your opponent are connected at the same time, or in a turn by turn basis. When you’re playing live, you can chat with your opponent and get to know them better — or taunt them ^^ — while you’re playing.

Is there a time limit to the Ninchallenges?

When you’re playing in turn by turn basis, the time limit to play is 5 days, and then if your opponent hasn’t played by then, the game expires. Time to move on to faster Ninchallengers!

Nincha Bro Tip

If you find your opponent isn’t responding fast enough, here’s a tip: go Ninchallenge someone who’s in the weekly or monthly leaderboard: that way you know they’re actively learning and should react quickly to your Ninchallenge invite! Also, invite your friends to play with you.:)

Ready to Ninchallenge? Let’s roll! 

NinchaneseIs there a Time Limit to Ninchallenges?