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Levels of the worlds on Ninchanese

Whether you’re completely new to Chinese or an advanced learner, Ninchanese has content for you.

Choosing where to begin

You can start at the beginning or, if you have already learned some Chinese before, you can choose to jump ahead to a level that’s more suited to your current skills.

New at Chinese

If you’re a complete beginner, you might want to start right at the beginning. The newbie lessons contain the basic information to get you speaking and reading as soon as possible and teaches you the beginner survival phrases in Chinese. You’ll start learning Chinese from the foundation up, at your own pace.

If you’re completely new at Chinese and want to learn more on Chinese before you start, read the getting started guide to learning Chinese

Skipping ahead to a higher level

If you can use a higher level of Chinese, you can choose to jump ahead to the beginning of any upper world.

Lesson levels explained

There are four worlds to chose from, and two more to be added. Each of the worlds corresponds to a different level of Chinese, similar to other standards such as the Common European Framework or the HSK exams.

We divide our content like this:

  1. World 1 – Newbie
  2. World 2 – Elementary
  3. World 3 – Intermediate
  4. World 4 – Upper-intermediate
  5. World 5 – Advanced (coming soon)
  6. World 6 – Proficient (coming soon)

For a more detailed description of each world’s content, see What do you learn on Ninchanese

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