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Learn and review words with the SRS

Ninchanese’s learning method is powered by spaced repetition to help you efficiently learn new words. You practice the words you’ve unlocked via reviews spaced out in time until recalling them is second nature.

Our vocabulary learning algorithm uses spaced repetition to organize the words you’ve learned and your review sessions. This allows you to keep everything you’ve learned so far fresh in your memory and ready to be used.

The time between each of your reviews is calculated specifically for you by our algorithm using the spaced repetition system and your answers.

During your reviews, you’ll see an even mix of words you’re less familiar and more comfortable with so doing your reviews isn’t like a really steep hill right when you start but more like a pleasant ride with a few hikes and breaks along it.

Five levels of SRS

There are five levels in our SRS. These levels are indicated by the stars you see over a word during a vocab or review session.

Each time you answer the meaning or the pinyin of a word correctly, it will move up an SRS level. This pushes back your review of this word further back in time. Yay! One down, more to go!

Depending on how many times you got the answer wrong, that word can go down several levels. But don’t worry! What goes down goes up!

Here’s what each level corresponds to:

Hi there newcomer!

All words you unlock start out with zero stars: it’s up to you to show the system you’re starting to get acquainted with your newly unlocked word. Once you’ve learned the new word, you’re ready to earn your first star on that word!

A one-star word is either a word new to you you’ve just learned or a word you’ve been having trouble with.  You’ll see this word every day or every few days until you know it well enough to make it go up a star.

Look! A two-star: I know that one

A two-star word is a word you’re getting the hang of. You’re almost there! These words will appear in your reviews every few days to a week.

Three stars on the way to mastery

A three-star word is a word you’re really starting to master: you’re quickly recognizing it and naming it correctly! A three-star word appears once a week, at most.

Four star: so close!

A four-star word is  close to a five-star word: you know this word front and back, eyes closed or not. Nice! This word won’t come back for a few weeks to a few months.

Five star! You’ve reached the top!

Well done! Words that have five stars are second nature to you know. You’re ready to spread your knowledge. Five-star words do come back, from time to time, but every six months to a few years, kind of like that distant relative you like but only see once a year, tops.


Now that you know all about the spaced repetition system, how the SRS powers Ninchanese’s learning method so you can learn words optimally, you’re all set to go earn some stars!

NinchaneseSpaced Repetition System: Optimal vocabulary learning on Ninchanese