Using Ninchanese

Get to know the basics and a few helpful tips along the way!
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Viewing lessons (grammar)

In Ninchanese, each grammar stage with Yocha comes with a Chinese grammar lesson you can easily access and read.

Available when you need it

We never explicitly teach you a concept, not at first, at least, because we believe in learning by doing. We want you to experiment and see if you can figure it out on your own. That’s why we don’t tell you anything about grammar concepts or sentence patterns from the start.

However, we know that sometimes, a little explicit explication does wonders to help you spot the patterns once you’ve experimented on your own. That’s why each sentence-building stage comes with a clear and straight forward lesson to clear any questions and misunderstandings you might have on a particular grammar concept.

Accessing the lessons

There are two ways to access the grammar lessons. Here’s one:

  1. Once on Ninchanese, click on Learn Chinese. This will take you to the world you’re currently playing.
  2. Select a grammar stage.
  3. Click the See lesson button.
  4. View the lesson.
  5. To return, click the Back to selection button.
  6. You can also directly go play the stage dedicated to that lesson by clicking the Play button.

You can also read a lesson while playing a sentence-building stage with Yocha. To view the lesson in-game:

  1. Start a sentence-building stage.
  2. Click the help button in the top right corner of your playing zone.
  3. A pop-up view of the lesson will open.
  4. Close the popup when you’re ready to resume building sentences.

View all the grammar rules in one place

If you’d like to be able to view all of Ninchanese’s grammar lessons and browse the different grammar rules in Chinese on your own, you can also bookmark this page:

NinchaneseViewing lessons