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Struggling with Chinese sentence structure and grammar? Tired of deciphering why your sentences are incorrect?

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This groundbreaking technology is powered by GPT, a popular AI language model developed by OpenAI, also behind the renowned ChatGPT, ensuring you receive accurate, reliable feedback on your learning.

Say goodbye to guesswork and confusion – our tool provides clear, actionable explanations for your mistakes, empowering you to improve quickly and effectively.

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Instant, targeted feedback on your writing

Using our new feature is a breeze. Simply make a sentence in Chinese, and let our AI analyze your mistake, offering instant feedback on sentence structure and grammar.

With real-time feedback, you can quickly identify your errors and learn how to improve, making your learning experience seamless and efficient.

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No, our tool is designed for learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Absolutely! Our tool is mobile-friendly and accessible on any device with internet access.

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