Learn to talk about time in Mandarin

Make sure you arrive to your appointments and rendezvous on time by learning how to talk about time in Chinese. Want to talk about different times in the day or about things happening in the past or in the future? With these key sentences about time in Chinese, we have you covered. Soon, talking about time in Chinese will be a breeze.

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Inductive sentence building

Learn to talk about the time by actively building sentences in Chinese. Chinese word order differs from English word order so understanding Chinese sentences can be tricky at first. We created a inductive and intuitive way for you to understand how Chinese sentences are built, because learning by doing and experimenting is the best way to learn. Give our sentence-building stages a try: you’ll quickly understand Chinese grammar patterns and comfortably be able to talk about time in Chinese.

It’s never been easier to learn to talk about time and build sentences in Chinese.
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NinchaneseLearn to talk about time in Chinese